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Custom Home Additions

Planning a Home Addition?

Here Are 10 Solid Tips to Follow…

Planning a room addition is necessary when you feel the need for space for your family. However, finding a reliable home addition company can be an unnerving task if you don’t know-how. To help you prepare for a home addition, we put together ten proven tips to follow. 

Gather Legal Documents 

building project is a legal issue in the US; you need an approved plot plan of your property before adding a home. The building plan will show the layout of your planned room addition relating to surrounding developed properties. The purpose of the building plan is to confirm that your proposed project is within an acceptable location. A home addition that is too close to existing building risk being pulled down and you don't want that to happen. Therefore, by complying with your local zoning laws, you will protect your investment. You can find plot plans and surveys in your local registry of Deeds. 

Determine a Realistic Budget 

It is vital to determine your budget before contacting a builder or architect. Home addition should not be a source of financial trouble for you. Therefore, your starting point is to have a budget and work towards it. The budget should consider both the hard and contingency costs to give you peace of mind when the building commences. Also, it is essential to remember that once you completed the project, your property tax and other utility bills will increase. Therefore, having a budget gives you a hassle-free life after your home addition company completed the project. 

What Do You Need? 

Every home addition should have a good reason to embark on the project. Thus, you need to come up with a list of needs and functions of your proposed new space.


You need to be precise on why you need a room addition and what it would do for you. Perhaps, it will be a dream come true to have additional space to meet your other needs. 


Get a Short List of Builders 

It might sound easier if you are not considering a home addition right now. But in case you are, it can be unnerving to find a reliable local remodeler if you don’t have a list. Of course, home builders all around you. Your concern when embarking on a project is to engage the best builder. To compile a list of builders, first, start with a local search on the internet. You can ask friends or check with local building code officials and the building supply businesses in your environment. After a long list of builders, narrow down the list to only three who you can contact for a detailed quote. 

Check on Financing 

Before you start, you should get a guarantee of a steady flow of finance to execute the project. It would be best if you remembered that getting a housing finance is not a free meal

your equity participation is crucial. 


Evaluate Utilities before starting 

Before starting a home addition process, it is best to talk to professionals in various areas regarding your proposed house project. Doing this allows you to understand what you need to do. You need to know the current state of your existing building structure and know if it can support the additional load. 


The outcome of the evaluation will have a lasting impact on the quality of your home after the addition. 

Engage a Design Professional or a Design/Build Team 

Every home addition should have a good reason to embark on the project. Thus, you need to come up with a list of needs and functions of your proposed new space.


It won’t be advisable to DIY a room addition project.

It is best to have a professional handle it for the best result. The advantage of hiring a professional home designer is the creativity and quality of thinking that will go into the plan. Besides, a professional designer can recommend the best home addition company for you 

Inform Your

It is an excellent practice to be in friendly terms with your neighbors, especially when considering a home addition. Constructing a home could inconvenience your neighbors, but informing your close neighbors early enough could douse any bad feelings.  

Reason Home Additions are NOT DIY Exercises 

Don’t take your DIY enthusiasm too far to embark on home additions, especially if you are using borrowed funds. Banks and other mortgage financiers require you to hire a licensed general contractor to be funded. A home addition project is a multi-skilled task that needed various artisans like electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and lots more. The general contractor is in the best position to bring these skilled artisans together for a timely and qualitative craft. 


Be Realistic in Your Expectation 

A home addition project is a steep investment capable of disrupting your family finances if not well planned. You can’t afford to gamble.

you must bring all factors to bear on the reality of things. Also, you need to prepare for the worse and understand that a building project is a long haul walk; don’t rush at it. Take the step to make it a pleasure ride while embarking on the construction. 


Starting a home addition project needs the best home addition company for the best outcome. Here is where Fisher Construction is the contractor of choice. 


You can get a free home addition quote and consultation on design for a realistic plan that gets approved by the local authority. 


Fisher Construction is a qualified general contractor offering cutting edge building technology to support your home dream. Working with Fisher's professionals gives you the benefits of seeing your house before it’s built. 


It’s not all home addition contractors that look out for you and your family, which is why Fisher is different. The company is a Better Business Bureau A+ rated contractor and licensed by Texas Contractors State License Board. These achievements mean that Fisher Construction is a company with a tracked record of satisfied customer service; you can rely on their services for quality work. You can ask for their list of home remodeling satisfied customers to speak with before engaging them. 


Feel free to contact Fisher Construction or a free quote and learn more about their services. Let your search for trusted Home Addition Company Houston end with Fisher. They provide an unbroken track record of happy clientele. You can take confidence in their experience, no hidden charges policy, and the ability to meet demand in a timely fashion. 

Adding a room addition or second story room addition to your Houston home

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