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Kitchen Remodeling

The Houston Construction Company is your one-stop solution for all design and building problems. We offer a variety of services including Customized patio-deck, interior and exterior designing, kitchen-bathroom-room remodeling, and commercial design and construction. We are based out of Houston, Texas.

Since our first project 3 years ago, we have accomplished a total of 1300 remodeling projects as Houston Remodeling Company. To this day, we have never received any complaints with the Better Business Bureau, therefore, we have an A+ rating, and also we have the Outstanding Customer Service Award by Goldstar under our belt.

Our craftsmen are extremely professional with a minimum of 7 years of experience with us,

some have been with us for as long as 11 years as well. It is quite rare in the construction business to retain employees for that long.

Therefore, we believe that we are doing at least something right.

To help you better, we give you a time estimate along with the pricing so that you can have full transparency of what to expect.

Houston Design and Renovation Company have an excellent consultant, who is trained to listen and discuss the actual design aspect rather than just take orders. The design consultant comes to your house and gets into details of what aspires you and what you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you have, we believe in equality for all.

After the first meeting, you and your consultant will stay in a loop, we will send you a detailed estimate with all pricings, both individual and as a set. You will most probably receive the estimate within 24 to 48 hours.

We might also send a design image with the potential changes so that we can all have a better picture of what the outcome will be. However, this highly depends on the case.

Once you are sure that you want to work with us, we will start to build a timeline and your construction will begin in 3 to 5 days after signing the contract. Our craftsmen will work day and day again to ensure timely delivery.

Your design consultant will visit you almost every day, but this usually depends on the size of your project. The design consults acts as a project manager at our company. The design consultants ensure that your project goes smoothly and also saves you from the stress of having to deal with a middle man.

Remodeled Kitchen
Remodeled Kitchen 2

Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Our Houston kitchen remodeling services typically incorporate specific details in a majority of residential and commercial overhauls. These are based on a customer's needs, wants and requirements, depending on the scope of their project. However, it's important to note that each remodel is catered to your goals for your future kitchen. Because we plan around your personal desires, each of our renovations produces a unique and beautiful finished product. We guarantee full satisfaction throughout the remodeling process, all the way to the end – our goal is your dream kitchen. Take a moment to tick off the aspects that are most important to you, utilizing our easy checklist.


•       Appliances

•       Back Splash

•       Counter Tops

•       Custom Cabinetry

•       Exhaust Fan

•       Fixtures

•       Flooring

•       Hardware

•       Kitchen Island

•       Paint

•       Plumbing

•       Sink

•       Storage

•       Window Coverings

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


The majority of kitchen remodeling ideas can be implemented if you are willing to share your goals with us, allowing us to show you how we can make it a reality. We will work within your budget, and finish the remodel by use of a few channels to get the most out of your project. We begin by browsing various kitchen designs together, in order to outline the look you are going for in your kitchen remodel.


Because customization is the largest part of any kitchen remodel, our team works to ensure your dream design can become a reality at the end of your project. Since we work to catalog popular designs, the latest trends and even previous projects, we are able to provide visuals for your future completed kitchen.

Remodeled Kitchen

The Abilities of a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor


Kitchen remodeling contractors mostly specialize in kitchen remodels, or at least possess an extensive amount of experience in residential and commercial kitchens. When you begin to consider a kitchen renovation, you should do a large amount of research to narrow down the best Houston based contractor for your project. The next step, after selecting the contractor best suited for your kitchen project, go ahead and give them a call.


Your chosen contractor will be able to provide you with a free estimate and free consultation – both of which we offer. We will respond with our availability and plan of action, so we can get together and discuss the best options for your kitchen renovation. You can typically expect a 24-48 hour window, in which a remodeling company will respond to your request, if not less. After the contractor looks at your kitchen, you can begin to discuss details on what is needed, your top goals, and ultimate dream for your kitchen remodel. Ultimately, any good contractor should be able to pay a visit to the location, and provide an estimate with ease.


Not all Houston, TX based contractors will freely provide an estimate but, we at Houston Construction & Designs Company, offer free consultations and free quotes. We make it easy to decide on appliances, cabinet and counter top options, doors, flooring, kitchen remodels and overall designs, painting, plumbing, tiling, walls and window treatments. These aspects are important to the overall look of your kitchen, which may be vitally important to the flow and theme of your home.

kitchen planning.jpg

Overall Remodeling Cost

With Houston Construction & Designs Company, we are upfront and honest with every single one of our customers – especially when it comes to the overall cost of their project. We understand the needs of each person, especially when it comes to turning their very dreams into a reality. Projects shouldn't focus solely on the use of cheap materials just to stay below the budget. We have our own resources to lower the cost of some aspects in order to stay within budget, in order to keep a project affordable for our customers.


Unlike some other remodeling companies, who list outrageous price ranges without providing a rundown - we share bulk supplier savings directly with our customers. We serve individuals of the Houston, TX area, who trust and depend on our expertise from day one. Beginning at the point where they request free estimates, to the day they walk into their brand new kitchen, we work hard to maintain satisfaction.


Kitchen Designs of Houston, TX


Redesigning your kitchen goes beyond new appliances and cabinetry. Making room for new experiences within your home, allows for more pathways to share with all of the people in your life. Once you update your kitchen with a renovation, your life will drastically improve. While it may seem daunting, professionals make conquering large projects much easier. We maintain good relationships with designers, structural designers, architects, interior designers, realtors and sellers. Having great connections with the pros of the industry, provides great value and support to every one of our projects.


Houston Construction & Designs Company is here to aid in the process to make it easier – no need for a do it yourself here. Because we strive to provide market-leading quality and design, our renovations result in chic, relevant kitchens. Kitchens designed with an aesthetically pleasing vibe, lend to the overall feel of a home – working together in harmony. Our transformations include details such as custom cabinets, new appliances and more.

Remodeled Kitchen 3

Houston Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

When you find yourself in the market for a remodeling contractor in the Houston, Texas area, you would do yourself well with a bit of research. This allows you to see if the contractor is capable of handling the size of your project, implementing the design and overall remodeling idea. A quick Google search will bring up a variety of local companies for your next project, including Houston Construction & Designs Company. Once you have chosen a well-known kitchen remodeling contractor, make sure to understand their experience and ability to stay within a set budget.


Not only do we remodel kitchens within Houston, but we also work in nearby areas such as Spring, La Porte, Pearland, TX and beyond. Please feel free to reach out to us for top notch kitchen renovation services in your area. We can easily provide a consultation and free quote, once you reach out over the phone or through our online contact form.

Remodeled Kitchen

Planning & Budgeting for a Kitchen Remodel


The most important aspect of any major project, especially when it comes to home renovations, is budgeting. You shouldn't opt for a contractor simply because they promise to complete your project for lower than your budget allows. Remember: good work isn't cheap, and cheap work isn't good. Once your contractor gathers up all of your details, and thoroughly understands your goals, they should know how much everything will cost.


However, there are always a few things to watch out for when it comes to choosing the best person for the job. Never agree to work with someone who automatically accepts your budget, without providing a detailed quote and estimate. Also, while it should be a bit of a warning sign for a contractor to be unable to provide a quote, they may need more information. Most likely, they need to contact suppliers for concrete numbers, or request updates on rates for your remodel. Aside from this, another red flag would be if the company is not properly insured, or incapable of sharing photos of past projects. Making the wrong choice in regard to contractor, could be detrimental to your overall project, even resulting in risk or complete loss.


Everyone Deserves a Unique Kitchen


Working closely with our customers, we keep them involved with every aspect of their kitchen renovation. We aim for home owners to feel personally connected with their project, allowing for them to understand the overhauling process, provide instructions and feel comfortable. This standard has worked well for us over the years, ensuring that imposing ideas don't creep into the remodel.


By providing advice during a free consultation, and throughout the remodeling process, we maintain clear lines of communication with our customers. We can customize your remodel, and personalize it as you imagine. We exchange ideas along the way, with our great customer support. This allows us to cut down on labor time, and remain under budget. This level of customer service also allows us to remodel kitchens based on fashion, latest trends and needs.


Kitchen Renovation Pricing & Quotes


Anyone who is considering a kitchen renovation has looked into the remodeling cost, and we understand how this investment will improve your home. We can assure you that, considering we have done this for quite a while, our prices are rather competitive given the current market. Although we cannot promise to have the cheapest prices in Houston, we can assure you our work is top notch, using high quality materials and contacts. This standard provides each and every one of our customers with a positive experience and smooth transition.


While some companies make it difficult to obtain a project estimate, we proudly provide a free kitchen remodeling estimate. Simply contact Houston Construction & Designs Company for a quick and easy estimate for your next renovation project. Our services are always catered to the taste and needs of each customer, handcrafted to fit well within their home and budget. Due to the unique nature of our work, no two kitchen renovations will ever be the same – our work is created to be one of a kind.


It may feel strange to consider replacing the old with something new, our renovations are all about the design and personality – how it pulls everything together. We maintain an extensive database, in order to create the best kitchen remodel for your home. This ensures that each customer feels like their kitchen is completely their own. If a unique kitchen renovation is what you are looking for, simply reach out to us if you are within the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

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