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#1 Houston Fencing Company

High Quality Fence Installation by Houston Fencing Company

Quality fence installation is the pride of any house, whether it’s a residential or commercial building. While any building contractor can promise you a fence, not every builder can guarantee high-quality wood privacy fencing like Houston fencing company.


If you live in Houston, TX area, you can have a high-quality fence done for you at affordable rates.

Regardless if you are constructing a new wall or you are repairing an existing one, Houston Fencing Company is the reliable fence installation and repair contractor to trust. Do you need a reputable fencing contractor in Houston Texas? You can call now for a free quote to get your project started.


Chain link fencing

All fences are fantastic for home improvement, but the chain-link fence installation is unique in design, style, and material. It is a colorful fence made from galvanized steel ideal for commercial and residential uses because of its durability. The Chain link fencing, if done correctly, it will be the center of attraction in your premises. The fencing is ideal for poolside, park, and backyard area applications. For the highest quality chain link fencing, call the Houston Fencing Company professionals.

Vinyl fencing

For the best maintenance-free fencing, Vinyl Fencing is the option for you, if you engage the professional fence installation, master craftsmen. Vinyl is a durable, weather tolerant material that requires no painting and can mimic any material of your choice. Since fence construction is a significant investment decision, you will be in good hands of professionals at Houston Fencing Company.

Ornamental Steel Fencing

Fence Installation in Houston area has not two leaders when it comes to ornamental steel fencing services. Over the years, residents of the Houston community trust the Houston Fencing Company for their unalloyed professional fencing services. Decorative steel fencing is a wrought-iron fence installation that saves you recurring maintenance costs and keeps your promises beautiful. If you need the best and affordable fencing alternative, this fencing is a combination of strength, beauty, and style.


Wood Privacy Fencing

A beautiful home is the decision of the owner and professional craftsmanship! If you want to spice up your premises with a rustic touch of the decorative wood privacy fencing, you need the professionals. Houston Fencing Company delivers excellent and sophisticated wood privacy fencing to spruce up the look of your property. You can invest in this fence installation today and get a wow reaction from admirers!

What are you waiting for, improve your vegetable garden, and beautify the patio with wood privacy fencing for a tone of nature right in your home?


Spaced Picket Fencing

Sometimes, we want a mix of old and modern life and for a good reason! Nothing feels so good like having an adventure as part of your everyday life, and the spaced picket fencing gives you that. This fence installation style is the handiwork of creative expert fence installers, and that is why you need the specialists.


Yes, if you live in the Houston area, then you need to contact the Houston Fencing Company today. Of course, there are other fence contractors, but your best guarantee of quality Spaced Picket Fencing are professionals at Houston Fencing Company.

Shadowbox Fencing

 Another name for this brand of fencing is a board on board wood fence. Shadowbox fencing gives you the pleasure of not secluding your home. It gives you the joy of high-quality fence installation while making it look like you are open up. Shadowbox fencing is aesthetically attractive and gives your home the distinction of excellence in your neighborhood. It’s an elegant fence construction for families who love to stand out and still want the cordial friendship of neighbors. However, installing shadowbox fencing can be tricky, and it needs the creative fencing installation skills of professionals at Houston Fencing Company. You can contact the company now to help you with a befitting fence for your home.

Trex Composite Fencing

Real wood for fencing is elegant and refreshing. However, maintenance is a put off if you do not have the luxury of time. You don’t have to forget about your dream of having wood fencing for your home with Trex Composite Fencing. It’s the best alternative and durable option to wood and very great for modern home fencing. In the hands of experts’ fence installers, Trex Composite Fencing is a great option. It needs no maintenance as it’s made of recycled plastic and fiber with design to look just like the real wood. The fence is an all-season home improvement construction suitable for deck, backyard, and patio area.

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