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Constructing with Integrity

“Construction with Integrity” is the philosophy our company lives by. Our dedication to excellence embodies the way we conduct business. The fundamentals of our values are comprised of fairness, honesty, thrift, and hard work. Our philosophy helps us respect everyone we work with while honoring their individuality. Ultimately, “Construction with Integrity” means we listen to what people tell us. Doing so allows us to fulfill the commitments we make.



Quality defines the standards of excellence we build into every structure and relationship. Whether it’s found in our precision scheduling, detailed estimating, open-book project accounting or forthright communication, our management style stands as a symbol of quality and first-class work, long after the craftsmen have left the job.


Truth & Honor

These two things are the backbone of our dedication to associates – those we partner up with when representing a client. Associates are comprised of vendors, architects, subcontractors, owners, and even community members. Our company is committed to working cohesively, respecting the interests of others while fulfilling contracts. We do this by maintaining common agendas. It is our belief that the extra effort we put into in representing clients – in addition to the close alliances we develop with colleagues – will produce business practices that are fair, establish trustworthiness, and open lines of communication with everyone..

Unity & Completeness

This addresses the way our company conducts business. Cohesiveness between each department allows our company to accomplish successful customer fulfillment. By focusing on cooperative teamwork, our staff can help one another when called for, whether that entails suggestions or some kind of manual assistance. 

Our company is run with absolute integrity and quality, strengthening the reputation we have built for ourselves. “Completeness and Unity” are words that remind us of the way we prefer to conduct business. Our objective is to demonstrate such values on a regular basis through our actions, which sets us apart from our competitors. In doing so, we can defend interests the people we serve have. 

Our efforts are allocated to capital expenditure. If the customers we service achieve success, we do, too. We develop relationships that last with customers and employees alike by understanding what their expectations are and exceeding them. Our company enters each opportunity using innovation, integrity, and open communication. 

Houston Construction Today

The Houston Construction Company is your one-stop solution for all design and building problems. We offer a variety of services including Customized patio-deck, interior and exterior designing, kitchen-bathroom-room remodeling, and commercial design and construction. We are based out of Houston, Texas.

Since our first project 3 years ago, we have accomplished a total of 1300 remodeling projects as Houston Remodeling Company. To this day, we have never received any complaints with the Better Business Bureau, therefore, we have an A+ rating, and also we have the Outstanding Customer Service Award by Goldstar under our belt.

Our craftsmen are extremely professional with a minimum of 7 years of experience with us, some have been with us for as long as 11 years as well. It is quite rare in the construction business to retain employees for that long. Therefore, we believe that we are doing at least something right.

To help you better, we give you a time estimate along with the pricing so that you can have full transparency of what to expect.


Fisher Construction Design

Houston Design and Renovation Company have an excellent consultant, who is trained to listen and discuss the actual design aspect rather than just take orders. The design consultant comes to your house and gets into details of what aspires you and what you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you have, we believe in equality for all.

After the first meeting, you and your consultant will stay in a loop, we will send you a detailed estimate with all pricings, both individual and as a set. You will most probably receive the estimate within 24 to 48 hours.

We might also send a design image with the potential changes so that we can all have a better picture of what the outcome will be. However, this highly depends on the case.

Once you are sure that you want to work with us, we will start to build a timeline and your construction will begin in 3 to 5 days after signing the contract. Our craftsmen will work day and day again to ensure timely delivery.

Your design consultant will visit you almost every day, but this usually depends on the size of your project. The design consults acts as a project manager at our company. The design consultants ensure that your project goes smoothly and also saves you from the stress of having to deal with a middle man.

This cuts down on the element of confusion and also ensures that all of us are on the same page. We have a strong policy of clear cut communication and only have necessary people on the team so that the project goes smoothly.


Home Remodeling Experience You Can Trust


We would like to express deep gratitude to all our clients for the trust that they have on us. We love remodeling both your home and your commercial projects.

After our team meets up with you, you will receive a list of bids, we think Houston Construction is the most optimally priced. We are never out of budget and we have just the right prices.

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